Romantic ideas for dating

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Then all you need to do is toss it in the oven and wait for the perfect post-workout meal.Check out the full chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato bake recipe here.This liberally seasoned Thai curry fits the bill, featuring cayenne, cumin, and cardamom as major players.Check out the full Thai yellow curry with veggies, cashews, and tofu recipe here.These recipes may sound and taste fancy (so as to earn you the most points possible), buy they're actually pretty beginner-friendly.Whip one up, follow the meal with a pint of gelato for dessert, and prepare to see her swoon.Check out the full Tandoori turkey meatballs with zucchini skewers and yogurt cilantro sauce recipe here.It's a big undertaking, but preparing these enchiladas will pay off in the form of satisfying a large group of people, or stocking your fridge with a week's worth of leftovers.

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But for the sake of this salad, let's rethink steak with a touch of sensitivity.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Men who drink specialized beers, like IPAs, dig that they're a cut above plain-old brewskies.

TRANSLATION: He nerds out over whatever he fancies, including you. MASCOT: Danny on Set up a taco bar with all the fixings or make homemade pizza.

(Sure, a trip to the wine country sounds perfect; but is it worth refinancing your home and mortgage to finance this?

)Well, luckily, you can be both romantic financially smart.

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