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For both men and women, it couldn't be easier -- just spot someone who looks good, check out their details, and if you're interested, hit them up.Whether your dating site suggests candidates or you initiate a search, you'll find yourself staring at the photos of dozens of potential dates.Just as you gain a lot of information from a person's photo, you'll similarly get a good read through a conversation.Is he or she energetic, interesting, funny, charming, smart?You're probably pretty familiar with his or her appearance, but it couldn't hurt to have your date's picture up on your dating site's phone app for a quick check.Once you've spotted each other, there's the awkward "handshake or hug" moment.Then suggest he or she check out your profile, and if there's a reciprocal interest, you hope to be in touch. The messages you receive will run the gamut, from those pointless one word exclamations, to full autobiographies.

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If you get a "Let me check my schedule and text you next week," don't hold your breath.

Clicking on someone brings access to more photos, as well as his or her written profile.

Take in the pictures, and read (or at least skim) the words, but at this point just browse a bunch of profiles, getting a sense of who's out there and how they present themselves. One note about browsing: On many sites, the person you looked at will know you paid them a visit.

Recently I posted an article that offered Over 50's a step-by-step guide for getting started on a full-profile online dating site.

It included tips on choosing a screen name, adding pictures, and completing both the "essay" and "multiple choice" portions of their profile. Now, let's continue with the next steps after your profile has gone live. If you're a man who wasn't the smoothest operator in your twenties, or a woman who felt constrained by the dating etiquette back then, this is where online dating really shines.

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