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The Royal Commission on Agriculture in India (1927-28) consi- dered that the membership of the Association had been limited to the bigger merchants who could not be expected to take sufficient inter- est in the improvement of the lot of ths cultivator. 'NP 101' (introduced as a line from Australia) and 'Rapida' (from the USA) are excellent grain types and are fairly high in protein content (117-8%).

This Associa- tion subsequently decided to establish the Indian Lac Research Insti- tute at Namkum (Ranchi). 'Flaming Gold' (from Germany) is another excellent fodder type.

The posi- tion was to be reviewed after 5 years or earlier if necessary. He named the laboratory after his guru, the great Vivekananda. Satya Pal Chief of Production : Krishan Kumar Associates : J. As a result of the research work relating to cotton improvement, 70 improved varieties of cotton had been evolved since the inception of the Committee. Harlow, IFS, to conduct an enquiry into the diifer- ent aspects of lac production. Wild related spe- cies of Vigna and Cajanus have been collected and conserved for use in crop improvement. means of preventing losses due to fungus infestation, physiological schemes for the study of crop growth, agronomical schemes for deter- mining the manurial and other requirements of the crop., and statistical schemes for the study of the various factors that contribute to the col- lection and interpretation of statistical data on cotton. Useful genotypes having desirable attributes such as earlines Sj long pods, more number of seeds/ pod, seed size, pods.plant, resistance to diseases and quality charac- ters have been identified in pea, moong, urd and cowpea.The Vice-Chairman of the Imperial (now Indian) Council of Agricultural Research was its ex-officio President. A facility for storage of germplasm of important economic crops in the form of seed for several decades under — 20°C temperature is to be created shortly. It is also envisaged to preserve pockets of natural plant wealth in situ as gene sanctuaries.The other ex- officio members were the Inspector-General of Forest? Such areas exist particularly in north-eastern region where immense diversity of Musa, Citrus ' Oryza, Saccharum and Mangifera and their wild relatives exist.

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