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Sometimes this is done on purpose, to give an air of Unreliable Narrator. Sometimes it's just because the writers got it wrong, sometimes the result of a deliberate retcon, rewrite or by creators Armed with Canon. The one a publisher would lay down six figures for. "Have you noticed that some characters have different origins when different people are writing the story? Other games make you play through one of several origin levels before the story proper begins—this is known as Multiple Game Openings. Along with multiple authors, this is a feature of the earliest recorded myths, making it Older Than Dirt. But apparently even he doesn’t really want them in his house.Nnedi Okorafor eloquently wrote about her discomfort over the award (to put it mildly) nearly four years ago ( and Jason Sanford ( recently outlined why a bust of Lovecraft is not really the kind of symbol any self-respecting fan of SF or Fantasy would want as an award.

To that little corner in the back of your head where all the bad things hide. That fandom crosses genders, politics, sexualities and interests.That authors are coming from more and more diverse backgrounds and trying to articulate ever greater points of view. if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another...

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