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It would usually have an experienced dancer leading the circle.

The dancers hold hands throughout the dance: arms down during the curts and raised to shoulder height during the llargs.

It is a type of dance where anyone can join in without the need of partners.

Generally, the participants follow a leader around the dance floor while holding the hand of the dancers beside them. Modern circle dance mixes traditional folk dances, mainly from European or Near Eastern sources, with recently choreographed ones to a variety of music both ancient and modern.

Syrtos and kalamatianos are Greek dances done with the dancers in a curving line holding hands, facing right.

The dancer at the right end of the line is the leader.

They bear inscription and figures which look like dancers in a chain.

Men and women are portrayed dancing together holding hands at shoulder level but occasionally the groups consist of only one sex.

The Hora is popular during wedding celebrations and festivals, and is an essential part of the social entertainment in rural areas.The leader can also be a solo performer, improvising showy twisting skillful moves as the rest of the line does the basic step.In some parts of syrtos, pairs of dancers hold a handkerchief from its two sides.The dance was originally from the Empordà region, but started gaining popularity throughout Catalonia during the 20th century.There are two main types, the original sardana curta (short sardana) style and the more modern sardana llarga (long sardana).

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